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This is a Glock Block - we don't call 911 (Ore)

The neighbors are fed up with the crime in their unincorporated area of Clackamas County. Neighbors are posting signs that they are armed and will fight crime. With a loss of confidence from the local sheriffs dept. they don’t feel safe anymore. The neighbors got together and got CCW permits, training and guns to fight back. The sheriff’s dept. says they don’t condone any vigilantism but seem to be useless when it comes to catching small time thieves and people are tired of being victims. Oregon seems to be having real problems, reading this story seems to ring a bell of other stories like the dispatch telling the woman to ask her rapist to leave

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Posts: News / This is a Glock Block - we don't call 911 (Ore)

Posted By: holymoleygone
06/18/13 01:20 AM

Well now, Uncle Joe Biteme gonna be mad. Remember, the V.P. wants you to carry a double barrel shotgun and fire two warning shots.