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Well it sounded like a good idea right up till he got killed for bank money (Penn)

We all want to stop crime but let’s be real about it. I am not going to give up my life over bank money but a Pennsylvania man did. Vincent Kelley, 46, was shopping with a friend at the Giant Eagle in Strabane Square when the man robbed an in-store Citizens Bank branch and Kelley gave chase.

"The guy pulled the gun on Vinnie right outside the store, and Vinnie didn't stop," says his friend. The robber jumped into his car and Kelley jumped in with him. Kelly grabbed for a knife he kept on his belt and “When he reached for his belt, the guy reached up behind his head over the seat and shot off six rounds out of his gun,"

Kelley hit the ground like a 40 lb. sack of potatoes and the robber drove off. Between the blood and the dye pack police say it will be easy to ID the thief. All for bank money that is insured

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