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The family that robs together goes to jail together after gun battle & chase (tenn)

Shot fired and a car chase sounds like a Saturday night movie but for on home owner it was all too real. It all started when two men (later identified as brother) tried to make entry into his home through a window. Not thinking anyone was home they got a surprise when the homeowner showed up with a gun.

As they ran he fired a shot at them then they got into a vehicle and drove right past the front of his house and he gave chase. The robbers stopped 3 times and shot at the homeowner trying to break off the chase but no chance. The homeowner was on the phone with the cops the whole time. The cops caught up with the robbers and arrested them.

“I wouldn’t recommend it,” said Mr. Hall. “It was just something in the spur of the moment. It was Sunday, Father`s Day, and I just felt like I had to do something.”

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