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A 33 year old man tries to rob a Maricopa County Sheriff posse member's home (Arizona)

she woke up to a man standing over her with a gun in his hand and a dog trying to save his master. The gun man kicked the dog off but woke up the husband and he came to the aid of his wife.

"I met him in the hallway after I heard the yelling coming from my wife's room. He shoved me backwards and caused me to knock things off the nick-nack shelf. At that point that's when he told me to get on the floor or he said, "I'll kill ya," the husband said. The husband drew his gun and shot the intruder striking him in the hand and neck. Found a short time later on the golf course He was taken to a nearby hospital to recover from his injuries.

Neighbors say they're not shocked the homeowner was armed because in their neighborhood everyone is armed and ready.

"And the ones that don't like guns, we have a lot of widowed women who live by themselves, we take care of them, check on them all the time," said neighbor Walter Ready.

link to Maricopa County Sheriff posse
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