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Peace through pork with JiHawg pork laced bullets.

Fight Jihad with JiHog!

Idaho based South Fork Industries recently released it's JiHawg line of ammunition. What makes the ammo so special? It's coated with a pork based paint.

The pork based paint makes the ammo "haram" or unclean and, according to the company, unfit to enter paradise upon dying. To be clear, this may be the loosest interpretation of Muslim dietary law ever but it still sounds good and is worth a good laugh.

"With Jihawg Ammo, you don’t just kill an Islamist terrorist, you also send him to hell. That should give would-be martyrs something to think about before they launch an attack. If it ever becomes necessary to defend yourself and those around you our ammo works on two levels," the company said in a press release earlier this month.

With slogans such as "Peace through Pork" and "Put some HAM in MoHAMmed", my only question is... when can we get some?