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Off duty cop shoot robber in his home (NY)

He came home just to notice someone was in his home. Pulling his off duty gun and entered the home just to find a man who was walking down the stairs to a side door. The officer gave him a warning to stop what he was doing but the 53 year old career criminal (several felony’s) didn’t and the office shot him. The suspect staggered out the door and died. he had a loaded hand gun on him.

"After the burglar staggered out, learning the hard way that he had picked the wrong house to burglarize, the officer recovered a loaded service semi-automatic that was in a small satchel that the burglar had in his hands,"

"I suspect there will not be many wet eyes in that neighborhood. This guy was a certified serial felon with a lengthy history of burglary and violent crimes, and the thing we should all be happy with is that a coroner's van was there for the criminal, not the cop who shot him,"

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