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Home Invasion Story Of The Week #3

This time it's Albany, Georgia - yes, the same town where the rocket scientist was showing his gun to another customer in Wal-Mart and let off a round in the store.

Around 1:30 in the morning two men armed with a shotgun broke into Alonzo Davis's house on the 600 block of Lincoln Street in Ocilla. The robbers Davis's daughter and her two infant children, asleep in their carseats. The intruders pointed the shotgun at the children and demanded money.

Davis and his wife heard the commotion, she called 911 while Davis grabbed his pistol. One of the criminals kicked in the door to Davis's bedroom where he was waiting with a gun. Davis gave this account to the local news, "When he came in the room, he said 'Give it up! Give it up. He got the gun on your kids.' By that time I raised up and pointed a gun at him and said 'Come get it.' He screamed 'He got a gun!' and turned away a ran".

Detective Doug Douglas (I swear... you can look it up) said, "We've had one other home invasion in the last two and a half years but never where they actually pointed a gun at a child and demanded money".

Police are offering a reward in the case.