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The fine line between self-defense and assault is how someone sees it

charges will be dropped his lawyer says; it should have never come this far as a man had to defend his property from an intruder. The homeowner woke up and saw someone trying to break into his garage. He grabbed a gun and went to confront the suspect later Identified as Gage Dalling, 19.

Dalling was eventually charged with one count of aggravated criminal trespass and two counts of burglary. He suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder, as the homeowner shot him in self-defense. What started at the rear of the garage the two worked their way to the front and that’s when the problems start. The homeowner Milton heath told the suspect to leave but instead of leaving the suspect supposedly turned and started walking towards him.

As he walked toward him Dalling reached into his pocket like he was getting something. That’s when Heath shot him not knowing what he was reaching for. Dalling is schedule to appear in Rutherford County General Sessions Court July 22 for the trespassing and burglary charges. He is slated to appear in General Sessions Court again on Aug. 29 for charges related to theft of merchandise.

“You could knowingly be trespassing on someone’s property, but when you put someone in fear of their safety, that’s when it becomes aggravated, when a reasonable person would think their life is threatened,” police said . “That’s the main part of what we’re investigating.”

But after all that Mr. Heath still has to appear in front of a Grand Jury to tell his side.

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