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Home Invasion Story Of The Week #5 (Last one, they go on forever)

This is the last one I'm posting because they literally go on and on. It's shocking how often this is happening. Realize we are only posting those few cases where a homeowner uses a gun to try to defend themselves yet the list of cases goes on and on - and that's just this week.

I had to add this one because after the story of the Palm Beach drug dealer who was cleared in the shooting but arrested for his drugs I made the comment he should have known to at least move his bags of "green, leafy material" before the police came.

Well, in San Francisco, it was home invasion night on Monday. Around 4:40 a.m., three suspects broke into a home just two blocks from the police station. The homeowner shot and killed one of the suspects - the other two escaped. While responding to the call, police found marijuana plants growing downstairs.

Of course, this was California so the homeowner just showed the documentation showing the plants were legal and that was the end of that.