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The Single Biggest Tragedy of the Decade - Red Dawn Remake

There are few words to express my sadness today. The re-make of Red Dawn appears to be moving forward with a November 21 release date. I'll save my comments for the idiocy of changing the bad guys from the Chinese to the North Koreans. Like an army of malnourished midgets would be a threat to this... The only appropriate thing is a moment of silence.

Posts: News / The Single Biggest Tragedy of the Decade - Red Dawn Remake

Posted By: Michael
08/10/12 02:52 PM

yeah. when i heard about this i wasnt even sad i just seriously didn't get it. red dawn was so successful because it was made within the time-span of the cold war. while unlikely, it was considered a possible scenario. it tapped into real fears of the cold war. what the fuck could a remake possibly do?
Posted By: Jason
08/10/12 06:52 PM

The irony of the article is that the movie was supposed to be a Chinese invasion but the distribution company was bought by a Chinese firm so they changed it to the North Koreans.

I will say that if they hired midgets to play all the NorKoms, I would be waiting in line to see it.
Posted By: Jayson
08/10/12 07:06 PM

If they think they're taking Florida they'll have to deal with the Easy Bake Gun Club and our newly formed Navy.