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Invisible man returns to pay for cigarettes 5 months later, felt guilty for taking them (Fla)

I haven posted a FloriDUH article in some time so I am overdue. A Fort Pierce man said he used his "powers of invisibility" to take a carton of menthol cigarettes, but his conscience wouldn’t let him rest. He couldn’t sleep that night so first thing the next morning he marched over to Walgreen’s and told the cashier what he did and about him being invisible and all.

He asked the cashier not to call the cops but she did. The police showed up but couldn’t do anything since the smokes are gone and they can’t find any footage of him stealing. Really how you going to find someone that is invisible on CCTV

“According to (the man), the drugs gave him the ability to become invisible," the report states. "(The man) used his powers of invisibility to pass through the counter and take a carton of Kool brand menthol cigarettes undetected."

The man was let go with a trespassing warning BUT the funny thing is no one seen him leave, he just disappeared and a carton of kools where missing

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