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Another prosecution witness backfires on the stand today when asked about self-defense

on cross examination brought a chuckle from the courtroom and a rare smile from George Zimmerman when a witness for the prosecution was cross examined about self defense. Captain Alex Carter is a JAG officer who formerly taught criminal law at Seminole State College; George Zimmerman was one of his students.

Quoted from the article:
Don West: On the issue of injuries, when you would talk about that with the class and your understanding of the law is that the focus is what's going on in the person's mind, not whether they have actually been injured. It's the fear of the injury is it not?

Capt. Carter: It's imminent injury or, excuse me, imminent fear. So the fact alone that there is isn't an injury...doesn't necessarily mean that the person did not have a reasonable apprehension of fear. The fact that there were injuries have a tendency to show or support that that person had a reasonable apprehension of fear. But the fact that there wasn't an injury at all doesn't necessarily mean there wasn't a reasonable apprehension of fear.

Don West: You don't have to wait until you're almost dead to defend yourself?
Capt. Carter: No, I would advise you probably don't want to do that.

This was delivered deadpan and the understatement brought a hint of laughter from the courtroom as well as a brief chuckle from George Zimmerman.

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