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Police go beyound their scope of duty

In my 30 years of law enforcement, I never heard of such a flagrant violation of the law by police officers. In my state, the only time you can enter a residence without a warrant is in fresh pursuit or welfare check if you have reasonable belief that a person inside the residence is in distress or if you observe evidence of a crime and waiting for a search warrant could lose that evidence.. These officers were acting beyond their scope of duty and should be held accountable for their illegal actions. I see the Police Chief has already retired but that won't stop the civil prosecution of her and her officers. No professional law enforcement officer would ever submit to this type of action. Our profession has a name for officers like this, they are called "BADGE HEAVY PRICKS"!
I have seen a few like this and they don't last very long in law enforcement. Please do not judge the law enforcement profession by the actions of a few asshole cops.

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