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Two CC permit holders trade shots in a rolling shootout on a Milwaukee hwy (Wisconsin)

What sounded like a scene out of a movie with the two cars racing down the freeway exchanging shots is what the anti-gun people needed to fuel the fire and I am sure this is going to be a rally point.

It all started at a taco bell when someone from car 1 (black driver with gang tats) said “what you looking at white boy” and pulled a chrome gun and fired a shot hitting car 2 in the mirror then took off. Car 2 with the “white boy” pulled his gun but the safety was on.

He called 911 and began following the Dodge as it headed for the freeway. Next thing he knows someone in the Dodge busted a few more caps at him. He said the two cars were swerving around other traffic before the Dodge left the freeway then re-entered, still heading north.

That's when car 2 began emptying his gun shooting out the window while driving and using the phone with his right hand. "My radiator was hit, and the car was starting to overheat, so I aimed low to shoot out the tires,"

Car 1 tells a different story; he told a different detective that he and a friend were driving when a blue car passed him. The other driver "mean mugged" him (added to the vocabulary) and showed a black handgun.

Driver car 1 grabbed his gun and displayed it before speeding away. Soon the blue car that “Mean mugged” him was chasing him. He shot at me so fired back out his driver's window, pointing backward over his shoulder with his right hand, while steering with his left.

Car 1 exited the freeway because all of his tires had been shot out (it does work!) He said the other man was still shooting, so he and his passenger ran away until they saw the deputy.

Driver of car 2 said that he thinks car 1 fired between 50 and a 100 rounds at him
"The fact that we now have a single instance where a CCL holder may have broken the law (and will certainly lose their right to carry as a result) doesn't change the reality that concealed carry works,"

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