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Florida police are getting ready for the aftermath of the verdict of the GZ/martin case

No matter what the verdict will be the government got what they wanted and needs to chastised but like all government employees they will be cover by the Obama blanket of deceit and deception.

"It's a trying time for all of us. We're not sure what the verdict is going to bring but it's a great opportunity for evolution of the Sanford community," Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith said at a news conference Friday as the jury began its deliberations. (White police chief fired and a black police chief replaces him-but this is not a case of racism)

"I certainly don't think Trayvon Martin supporters are going to be emotionally overcharged to act out in a way that's not responsible( this is what Erick holder and Obama wanted when they sent down the CRS) because they were very emotional when we were trying to get an arrest, and they were very peaceful, there was no violence,"

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old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / Florida police are getting ready for the aftermath of the verdict of the GZ/martin case

Posted By: Michael
07/13/13 04:31 PM

I seriously doubt there will be any backdraft here, but I am locked in loaded just in case.
Posted By: barstoolguru
07/13/13 06:22 PM

New Black Panther Party Tweets About ‘Street Maneuvers’ Surrounding Zimmerman Verdict: ‘HIGH Chance of Rebellion’ If Acquitted

New Black Panther Party tweets indicate that rallies and gatherings surrounding the George Zimmerman verdict are being planned, but whether violence or unrest will accompany them is unclear, the Washington Times reports.