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US bank is not CCW friendly (if you have an account pulls it)

A man walks into the bank and does his banking business but gets a letter telling him if he comes in with a CCW and they find out they will take legal action. According to Wisconsin law, concealed weapons are allowed in banks. Companies can prohibit them with personal policies, but most places with bans inform customers by posting signs at the entrances. With that in mind the bank has no signs.

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old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / US bank is not CCW friendly (if you have an account pulls it)

Posted By: Michael
07/15/13 10:16 PM

you know...i never see the signs.
Posted By: barstoolguru
07/15/13 10:32 PM

I don't believe the bank can take action if there is no sign posted. I wonder how they knew he had a gun to start with after all it's suppose to be concealed
Posted By: Michael
07/15/13 10:41 PM

that might be on him.
Posted By: holymoleygone
07/19/13 01:24 AM

I agree with both of you. A sign posted about gun free zones is not enforceable unless it involves state or local law prohibiting firearms. No crime committed unless you are told to leave the premise and refuse to do so, its called trespassing. I always have a firearm on my person but you will never see it and I do not advertise it!
I always say, "Ignorance is bliss", what they don't know can't hurt them:~) Never could read them damn signs without my glasses anyway! Prepare to defend yourself, because a police officer is to heavy to pack around on your back! Especially when we eat to many donuts :~)