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Trayvon martin's criminal history covered up by school policies; not doing any justice


Did the school help in the death of Trayvon martin? The innocent young man that didn’t do anything wrong but go to the store for some munchies. Caught with stolen jewelry one time and with dope another but was never charged with a crime but just suspended. Can we say cover up. What a great way to show a drop in crime then to hide it and not report it

quoted: Both of Trayvon’s suspensions during his junior year at Krop High involved crimes that could have led to his prosecution as a juvenile offender. However, Chief Charles Hurley of the Miami-Dade School Police Department (MDSPD) in 2010 had implemented a policy that reduced the number of criiminal reports, manipulating statistics to create the appearance of a reduction in crime within the school system. Less than two weeks before Martin’s death, the school system commended Chief Hurley for “decreasing school-related juvenile delinquency by an impressive 60 percent for the last six months of 2011.” What was actually happening was that crimes were not being reported as crimes, but instead treated as disciplinary infractions.

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