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Registration means confiscation-Cooke county sheriff's team confiscates guns and FOIL cards.

How many times have we heard it; registration is nothing. We aren’t keeping track of anyone’s guns. We can see the proof that they are; over 3000 residents with revoked FOIL cards are getting raided and legally owned firearms are being taken.

“The system is broken,” the sheriff said. “The system revokes cards, but the guns are of no consequence. . . . Our strong hope is that we will eliminate tragedies.”

But a woman in Calumet Park, whose son’s FOID card was revoked because of a drug case, told the officers he wasn’t home and he didn’t have a gun because she threw it into the lake. “I explained to her that’s not the way to do things,” Sandoval said, adding that he found her story questionable.

(Funny the same thing happens to me; all my guns were lost in a boating accident!)

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