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Whites seeking revenge over George Zimmerman

This is all I will say... Read the article. It's fun how people look at thing; especially the cops filing reports!

Jim Treacher at the Daily Caller brings us this article:

Jessica Chasmar at the Washington Times reports:

"This is for George Zimmerman."

That’s what one of three white men told a black man as they approached him early Saturday in Washington before committing what police are saying may be a hate crime, according to Metropolitan Police Officer Anthony Clay.

The men kicked the man, who was not identified, as they took his iPhone and wallet, the officer said Sunday, according to CNN.

Wow, three on one. Really brave, you racists. I guess Touré Neblett is right. We really are living in Emmett Till’s America. Haven’t you done enough already, white (and therefore racist) people?

…Wait, what? Hold on. Just a sec.

Oh, crap. Sorry, you guys, I got that all mixed up. They didn't say "This is for George Zimmerman," they said "This is for Trayvon Martin." And the three muggers were black, and the victim was white.

Okay, forget everything I just said. This attack was not motivated by racism, and no matter what Metro PD says, it definitely was not a hate crime.

This is different, because shut up.

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