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Victim fights back as 3 men try to rob him shooting two of them ( Houston TX

The victim was taking a cigarette break when three suspects tried to rob him at gunpoint. But after being robbed at the same place just three weeks ago, the victim wasn’t going through that again. He reached into his SUV and pulled out a large-caliber handgun and fired hitting two men; one critical.

"There were three of them," said a witness and neighbor who didn’t want to identify herself out of fear the robbers will come back. "They apparently had two guns and they were on him in a hurry. And he had the presence of mind to grab his gun and protect himself. I’m really glad he had a gun because I think he might have been killed today."

The down side to this story is they got his gun BUT ditched it a couple of blocks later. This was some close quarter combat and it shows.

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