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A case for disarming the mentally ill as off duty cop shoots mentally challenged man (WA)

An off duty cop defends himself and his home against a mentally ill man who lived in a house about 100 yards away from the police officer. The suspect was known by his neighbors as being mentally unstable and that he sometimes fired a gun in his backyard.

In a statement, the Fife Police Department said that just after 10 p.m. Tuesday, “an armed suspect confronted the officer at the officer’s home … the suspect fired shots at the officer’s residence, with the officer shooting and killing the suspect.”

The News Tribune quoted a neighbor, Jason Davis, who lives in between the two houses, as saying he was outside and saw the suspect in his car, slowly idling downhill toward the policeman’s house. He pulled into the policeman’s driveway, Davis said, got out and went to the door.

“He either knocked or rang the bell and then turned around and got back in his car,” Davis told the News Tribune. “He didn’t leave enough time for somebody to answer the door,” Davis said. “Then he backed up. That’s when I heard the four to six shots.”

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