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She was robbed twice but she was armed and ready when they came back a third time (TN)

When three men with guns tried to rob them she took action and shot at them. After being robbed twice before she thinks that they see her as an easy target and come and get some money any time they wasn’t but she changed theirs way of thinking real quick when she pulled a 38 revolver.

"I was not that kind of person that wanted to have a gun. And I never even thought that I would shoot at somebody, but when you're in that situation where you say it's my life or their life, it's my life."

"Sometimes, you know, you just don't think you react. You got the fear but you also got the anger. Because you're tired of it and we work so hard for somebody to come and just rob us like that," she said.

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old enough to know better but too young to resist