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Stand Your Ground Repeal? Americans Say No!

Despite the protests in the streets, the talking heads in the media, and the random violence "for Trayvon" it's quite clear the American public supports the right to self defense and Stand Your Ground laws.

According to a Qunnipiac University poll, 53% of Americans favor Stand Your Ground laws with only 40% opposed.

Digging deeper into the polling data shows sharp divides along racial and gender lines, such as:

Among whites, the law is 57% in favor and 37% opposed with the numbers exactly the opposite among blacks.

Among men, the law is 62% favored and just 34% opposed while among women just 44% favor the law with 44% opposed.

Of course, this is a Democratic Republic and we listen to the will of the people as a whole (usually) rather than the will of smaller segment of the population. Stand Your Ground should have no problems staying where it is the law and expanding to other states over the next few years.