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His wife woke him up and told him the alarm went off in the garage (Chicago)

This should have been a DGU and fortuity the suspect didn’t have one

The 44 year old bare foot X marine got up and grabbed a knife and when to investigate. Upon entering he was confronted by a 52 year old man in his garage and the suspect said “get the gun” insinuating there was another person was there. The two got into a struggle and the X-marine stabbed the intruder. The intruder manage to make it to his car and somehow got to the hospital where he died.

“I feel bad about what happened to him. He’s somebody’s father, he’s somebody’s son. That’s not ultimately what I wanted to happen," Hayes said. "Whoever it was, I wanted him to get out. He kind of pushed it to a limit where I just had to take it to that point...All I was trying to do was protect my house.”

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