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"get off my wife" to a home invader (ST. Louis)

Those where the last words the home invader heard before he was shot by the homeowner as a man protects his home. The 20 year old attacker worked next door to the home he invaded. They run an air duct and chimney sweeping business

The homeowners and his wife were in the downstairs living room, watching television and glanced over at the French-style doors, which lead to the yard, and saw a man looking through the doors at them. He got up to investigate, and a landscaping block view through one of the windows on the doors, and then the doors flew open.

The intruder came into the house and grabbed his wife dragging her to the floor, and began beating her. The husband tried to get the intruder off his wife, but couldn't. So the homeowner went upstairs and grabbed a .38 caliber revolver and returned warning suspect several times to get off his wife. But suspect didn’t, so husband shot him once in the upper torso. He then pulled suspect off his wife and called police. The suspect died in the hospital

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