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He charged me in a menacing manner and I shot in self-defense (Oregon)

The 54 year old Neighbor claims self-defense in shooting Prospect man. He says he shot his 34-year- old neighbor when he thought he was about to be attached as he charged at him in a menacing manner on his property.

"I'm at my wits' end," said the homeowner “The kid scares me. He is way violent."
Davidson said he decided to arm himself while walking around his property because the confrontations have turned more aggressive over the past week. He claimed he found Larson "stalking" him on his property, and has found him hiding behind trees.

"I asked him why he was mad at me and what this is all about," he said something about wires in the trees pushing against his house
Larson has driven several times to a job site where homeowner is remodeling a house

"He opens the door and acts like he's picking something up off the ground, but there's nothing there,"

During the confrontations, he said, Larson "is absolutely out of control, incoherent and extremely violent." When Larson approached him on his property Monday, Davidson said, he was acting in an aggressive manner, approaching him quickly as if to attack him. "He said, 'I'm going to beat you up,' " Davidson said. It is not known whether Larson was armed.

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