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a man called police and reported that his safe a large amount of marijuana and drug money had been stolen from his residence during a home invasion. the man said that he was upset because “he sold marijuana” for a living and the “only item taken from the home was a safe.”

Upon finding a safe that matched the description of the missing one; detectives and waited for the man to come and pick it up. a K9 officer “alerted to the safe, indicating the odor of narcotics” was coming from the safe.

The man came to police station and identified the safe as his and stated all contents in the safe were his. He was advised that the dog had alerted that the safe had contraband and they asked for consent to look in the safe and for the combination.

“He agreed and opened the safe, where a half-pound of marijuana was located in glass jars, plastic bags used for redistributing marijuana, a bag with pills and $930 in U.S. currency.”

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