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Deputy files law suit against a 911 caller because he was not informed of danger. (texas)

A woman calls 911 about her son and says she needs help. The cops show up and enter the property, however he was expecting to be attacked. The caller’s son-in-law, 43-year-old Kemal Yazar, attacked Deputy Pullen as soon as he entered the premises. Yazar jumped on him, broke his nose, and bit him before reaching for Deputy Pullen’s service revolver. Pullen shot Yazar to death.
Now the officer filed a law suit for a $100,000 saying he was not warned of any danger ( I guess he was there for a kids BD party)

"Look, police officers know everyday, everywhere they go, they could be in a dangerous situation,” says defense attorney Brian Wice. “So this guy is going to try step out and collect money for taking that risk."

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