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Rages to riches as a couple sues los Angeles police dept.

They were looking for a parolee-at-large when they illegally entered the shack of a Mexican couple. Angel and Jennifer Mendez are now married, but at the time of the shooting in October 2010 they were living together in a shack behind the house of a friend in Lancaster, Calif. Jennifer was pregnant.

As the deputies approached the shack, the Mendezes were napping on a futon inside the shack. Angel heard deputies opening the door and wanted to put his feet on the floor, but could not because his BB gun rifle was in the way. The deputies pulled back a blue blanket hanging from the top of the doorframe and allegedly saw the silhouette of an adult male holding what looked like a rifle. One yelled gun and they open fired with a total of 15 rounds hitting the couple mutable times.

The couple sued and won a 4 million dollar judgment but only 2 dollars in real damage (must have been for the futon) Mr. Mendezes said “next time we get shot its going to be in Beverly hills instead of the south side of LA”

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