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13 people file Civil law suit over rectal cavity searches by Milwaukee police dept.

So the question is when do the police go too far and do they have the right to stick their fingers up your ass on the “ side of the road” search or is this just harassment under the blanket of the law?

So far 13 plaintiffs joined the law suit against the Milwaukee police dept. that turned a blind eye to the problem when they got numerous complaints
Quoted: In December 2011 and January 2012, M.C. contends he was again stopped by Vagnini and other officers and on both occasions was struck in the face by Vagnini before being pulled out of a car, held on the ground and subjected to a forceful penetration of his anus

And: The suit lists three stops of Walter Coleman and buttock searches by Vagnini, including one where Vagnini first put on rubber gloves. In most of the cases, vicitms said Vagnini used his his bare hands or would pull their underwear up tight , as if doing a wedgie, then use the underwear as a shield between his hand and the anal area.

What is amazing is all Charges of sexual assault were dismissed by the system that employed him.

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old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / 13 people file Civil law suit over rectal cavity searches by Milwaukee police dept.

Posted By: Michael
08/19/13 01:56 PM

what the fucking fuck?
Posted By: barstoolguru
08/19/13 02:00 PM

If you read the news it happened here in Texas to two woman got searched on the side of the road the same way in front of everyone. they just settled the law suit for $185,000 dollars. both officer where fired but one got her job back because she said she was taking orders from her senor partner how was a male and watched
Posted By: Michael
08/20/13 02:16 PM

i guess i just don't believe that all of them are mad about it. no one thanked the cops?