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He called the VA hotline and just wanted to talk but what he got was invaded by the police.

The invaded home without a search warrant; illegally seized $20,000 worth of his firearms, bows, arrows, ammo, and first aid and protective equipment. Included was the Japanese Arisaka rifle that his grandfather brought back from WWII and the medical shears that this patriot used to cut two fellow Infantrymen from a HMMWV during an IED attack.
He took them to court and won, the judge ordered the Daytona Beach Police Department to return all property it seized but due to rough handling a lot of firearms where damaged and rusted due to poor storage and something’s are missing like an IPod touch ( this was a dangerous weapon?)
All of the seized contraband was damaged in some way EXECPT an AR-15 that was well taken care of and oiled to protect it…sounds like someone in the police dept. had their eye on it just waiting for the right time.
This type of bullshit is why people that need help will never seek it

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old enough to know better but too young to resist