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US army vet stands tall when thug cop tries to relieve him of his gun (Washington)

It is kind of sad when the police don’t know the law in their own state. Such was the case recently in Washington. For those of us who do not know, Washington (state, not the District of Columbia) is an “open carry” carry state under the law. This simply means that someone who has a properly licensed weapon may carry it out in the open.

Mr. Laigaie was walking his dog in a park in his home town when he was stopped by a cop. The officer approached and asked to see his ID. Then, the officer claimed that he could not carry a gun in the park. The officer actually said it was illegal to carry a firearm in the park. Of course, this was clearly incorrect.

Mr. Laigaie tried to explain to the cop that the state is legal open carry and offered he the state statute that he keeps in his pocket but the officer wasn’t have any of it especially having someone correct him ( we all know how they hate that) and the officer PULLED his gun and threatened Mr. Laigaie.

Eventually the office had a change of thinking (but it was too late) Mr. Laigaie felt like his civil rights were violated and sued the police dept. and settled for $15,000

In addition to the cash the police officers and 911 operators will also be
receiving additional training regarding gun rights laws in order to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

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