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What does a dad do when his son has problems with "unidentified subjects" ; get him a gun?

This is the type of story that gives us gun owners a bad name. The father of a 15-year-old boy charged with murder let his son pick out the weapon used in the two killings and more than 20 shootings this summer. His son was having problems with “unidentified subjects” so instead of getting him some help he needed he took him to the “Mega Gun and Armory in Kissimmee” (I remember a Simpson’s episode with a name like that) and let him pick out a carbine and 100 rounds of ammo for it.

Heck what can go wrong giving a mentally unstable kid access to a rifle and ammo?

“The dad learned of one of the son’s shootings and took the firearm away from him," the affidavit stated. "However, the son was able to access it again and continue to commit shootings with it. … The son admitted to retrieving the firearm from dad’s residence, and using it to commit multiple shootings as well as the murder of David Guerrero."

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