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South Florida gets a new shooting range

Fort Lauderdale is finally getting a new shooting range. Nexus Shooting has recently broken ground on a new range just off I-595 on Davie Road. Construction is already underway and the site promises rapid progress on "THE MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED" facility around and will be tracking the buildings progress on the Nexus Shooting blog (

The new range will allow training as it should be. Rapid fire drills allowed. Holster draws allowed. Prone and other non-standing firing techniques allowed. Most importantly, when compared to other local ranges, you can shoot your own ammo. Hopefully they will also deliver on the promise of a state-of-the-art ventilation system to keep shooters cool, so no more sweating like you are at an outdoor Florida range.

I am already anxiously waiting for the grand opening and the link only adds to my suspense with a timer counting down till opening.

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