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When is domestic violence domestic violence? One man says he is innocent and wants a gun permit

Congress in 1996 banned people convicted of domestic violence from possessing guns, and some gun rights advocates have challenged the reach of the so-called Lautenberg Amendment ever since. One man’s challenge is pushing the court to clarify the definition.

He had a fight with his step-daughter and was arrested; the charge was domestic violence/disorderly conduct. He pleads no contest and his life was changed, barred from owning a gun and the right to self-protection. His argument is he didn't have a domestic relationship with the victim -- his 36-year-old stepdaughter -- under the federal definition so now he is fighting the definition of “domestic”. If he wins this will change how 1000’s of people are seen under the law and will open the door for others to get a gun and permit

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Posts: News / When is domestic violence domestic violence? One man says he is innocent and wants a gun permit

Posted By: Johnsamy
09/23/13 10:55 PM

Hi There,
Domestic violence is violence towards family members. Domestic violence is considered a crime. A person if taken into custody for the charges of domestic violence then he/she should be imprisoned.
Posted By: barstoolguru
09/24/13 04:59 PM

at johnsamy; domestic violence is a money charge in a lot of cases. if someone says you touched them- you go to jail. most DV charges are dropped or found not guilty because they never existed. are there some cases- yes but most a bullshit and an easy arrest for the cops. cops get promoted by arresting people and what easier way then a DV charge.... been there, done that and have lawyers fees to show it.

when you are in jail the ratio of men to woman is 30 to 1 because its easier to arrest a man then a woman