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NSSF cherry picks data for infographic... Why?

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has is, according to it's website:

NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.

Even as the industry trade association / lobbying arm the NSSF has never been a very bombastic organization. There hasn't been the fear mongering so common in the industry from the firearms and tactical industries in their press releases or advertising.

Recently, however, the NSSF released an infographic (see below) with the title of "Global Evidence that Gun Bans Don't Reduce Crime and using data from a Harvard Study on gun control. We've referenced that Harvard study numerous times on the site but find the NSSF's cherry picking of data for the infographic to be a real disappointment.

The gun grabbers have always skewed the numbers and data to try and strengthen their arguments. I get that the NSSF was trying to do the same thing but here's the problem.. we don't need to because the facts are on our side. Putting Eastern Bloc countries alongside Western European countries and saying it's proof of anything is a fallacy.

Perhaps one day everyone can agree that every nation and every culture is different and the comparisons between nations an ocean apart are pointless.

For the NSSF to put out an infographic that blatantly cherry picks data to over dramatize a point only undermines the facts that have been repeatedly shown in studies.

Since you can never remove anything from the internet it's too late to remove the graphic, but I do hope the NSSF and other gun rights organizations realize our argument has the truth behind it and that trying to further skew data only weakens our cause.