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Scumbags sell fake body armor at gun shows (Florida)

People like this are the lowest of the low. Former Ocoee City Commissioner Scott Anderson and his partners Arami Rodriguez and Scott Williams were arrested this week for selling counterfeit body armor at multiple Florida area gun shows.

Anderson, Rodriguez, and Williams were selling armor with the Point Blank Body Armor brand on them. A customer became concerned about the vests authenticity and contacted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

FDLE contacted Point Blank Body Armor, the company that provides vests for over 80% of Florida law enforcement officers, and had the vests inspected. Not only was the brand counterfeited, the "armor" simply wasn't. Bullets flew through the armor as if it didn't exist.

A representative from Point Blanks said, "We had that tested and every round went through it. It does not do what it's supposed to do at all. If an individual is wearing this, God forbid they get shot. It will not do what it's supposed to do."

Anderson, Rodriguez, and Williams were selling the vests for $600 dollars and authorities believe thousands have been sold over the last few years.

Here's hoping these slimeballs get a nice long sentence and the buyers can get some recourse for these fraudsters behavior.