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7-11 clerk defends co-worker, stops robbery, gets canned [VIDEO] (Florida)

Robert VanConnett had worked the third shift at the 7-11 on 34th Street in St. Petersburg, Florida for around six years. Over that time, Robert had experienced a series of robberies and, concerned for his personal safety, got his concealed carry license and began carrying his firearm at work.

On the night of October 12th, that concealed firearm would come into play.

That night a customer came in, grabbed a cup of coffee, and walked to the counter to pay. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as the Robert's co-worker rang up the man. When the cash register opened so that the co-worker could get the customer his change the customer attacked... with his coffee?

As you can see on the video below the customer went criminal and threw his hot coffee onto Robert's co-worker before trying to grab cash from the register. Robert drew his gun and the criminal fled the scene with no shots fired, no money stolen, and no one harmed.

Seven days later, 7-11 fired Robert for violating company policy by carrying a firearm on property. Robert said he was pissed off about being fired but, "I'd do it again. It was just the simple fact I’m not going to sit there and get stabbed or get cut or anything like that. The guy looked like he was on drugs or something".

Given the case of enneth Lee Redding, a 7-11 employee in nearby Riverview, Florida who was killed after being stabbed 50 times during a robbery this past July it seems like 7-11 may need to reconsider there existing policy for concealed carry by employees. As Robert said, "You don't want to pull it out or shoot anybody, but you don't want to be sitting in there if they start shooting and have nothing".

Posts: News / 7-11 clerk defends co-worker, stops robbery, gets canned [VIDEO] (Florida)

Posted By: barstoolguru
11/05/13 08:35 PM

its cheaper to pay off a dead clerks family then it is to defend a lawsuit