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Once again guns and ammo are under attack by congress

Just when you though Congress had hung up its efforts at unfair gun control, a new bill has just been introduced that targets both firearms and ammunition with an arbitrary tax. And what a tax it is: up to 50% right on the top.

Once again some jackasses in congress wants us hunters and target shooters to pay for what someone else does. I guess it's just easy to attack the gun and not the criminals or mentally ill.

This bill was introduced by Representatives Danny K. Davis, (D-Ill), and Bill Pascrell, (D-NJ) into the House of Representatives last month. Officially, it is known as H.R. 3018: Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act of 2013

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Posts: News / Once again guns and ammo are under attack by congress

Posted By: Jason
11/07/13 12:42 AM

For those of you who haven't seen it, Representative Bill Pascrell is now best known for his pandering to the camera's with the rant below during the hearings on Obamacare's failures. Someone this calm and rational is exactly who people should take advice on firearms from.