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On the run from police, criminal picks the wrong house (California)

Albert Anthony Liberini at least deserves points for determination. The nights festivities all started in the early afternoon yesterday (November 13th) when Modesto, California police officers tried to pull over Liberini in a stolen 2001 Hyundai. Liberini pulled off and led officers on a chase into nearby Riverbank and officers called off the chase for public safety... at least for most of the public.

Not realizing the chase was called off, Liberini still managed to crash and high center his umm... borrowed vehicle.

Shortly after the crash a local resident heard a noise and saw Liberini standing inside his home. After the man and his wife armed themselves they confronted Liberini. The husband told the criminal to leave and, shockingly, Liberini did just that.

Shortly after, our idiotic thug came back and tried to break the glass on the back door of the house to gain entry. Two shots from the wife solved that as Liberini fled the scene again.

End of story? Nope. Life is all about determination.

Liberini went to a bedroom window and began to break into the home yet again. The huband - still armed - confronted him and told him to leave. As our dimwitted but persistent criminal kept coming into the home. This time the husband opened fire and struck the invader in the chest.

Authorities were called while Liberini (I just love typing that name) was held at gunpoint by both husband and wife. Police arrived, EMS arrived, Liberini got surgery and... as shocking as it may be it turns out he was on probation for a drug charge.

Who would've thought?

So does he get style points for being so determined to catch a round from not one, but two armed homeowners?