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Defensive display stops carjacking, saves 13-year-old girl (Georgia)

Ben Kline is a felon, career criminal, and just an all around thug. Tuesday (November 12th), Kline and an accomplice robbed a man at an extended stay hotel in Snellsville, Georgia. While being detained by police for the robbery, Kline broke free and led police on a foot chase.

Tariq Bell and his 13-year-old daughter had just left a music store (they still have those?). Tariq was grabbed from behind and pushed out of the way and saw Kline jumping into the driver's seat of his car - with Tariq's daughter already in the passenger seat.

"I looked him the eyes and realized this is real, this is a bad person because he looked me in the eyes and shouted 'give me the keys now'" he says.

That’s when Tariq, a concealed carrier, drew his firearm.

"I drew my gun and... told him to get out because I'm thinking you're not about to drive off with my child in the car on a high speed chase because I knew that that’s where it was going," he says.

Kline then ran away from Tariq and his daughter.

So was Tariq right? You betcha. Kline then tried to carjack a second person who accelerated away from him and then succeeded on his third try (try, try again and all) and proceeded to lead police on a high speed chase that only ended after police rammed Kline's stolen vehicle three times and a subsequent foot chase.