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Field & Stream goes into fear mode, says to avoid flying with guns

It doesn't get much dumber than telling people to avoid flying with their firearms - which is perfectly legal and done thousands of time every day - out of fear that an undefined "airport security". From the article:

I believe that even if I showed up with St. Michael the Archangel at my right side, ready to swear that I was no threat whatsoever, I would quickly find myself either under arrest or Taken Away for Questioning, and my gun confiscated.

That's funny, I fly routinely with firearms and have never had anyone even bat an eye at me for declaring the firearm or going through the process. The only comment I've ever heard was one TSA Agent (not some made up airport security) asking me what was in the case because it looked too short for a rifle. We ended up talking about the Tavor while he took the rifle and did their little dance to make sure it's okay.

That's it. No drama, no headaches. It's a simple, well established process and here's the Cliff Notes version (as always check the TSA website shortly before your travel date in case of changes):

- You can travel with handguns or long guns as long as they are in a secure locked case.

- You can travel with up to 5kg (11 lbs) of ammunition as long as it's in a case essentially equal to manufacturers packaging

- You declare the firearm when you get to the counter to check baggage and sign an unloaded firearm declaration (the airline will provide one for you at check in)

That's it. It's no more complicated than that in any way, shape or form.

It's a shame that a well-respected group like Field and Stream would put out the idea that you should waste extra money to have your weapon FedEx'd to your destination. Gun owners deal with enough bullshit and misinformation on a regular basis, we don't need it from one of "our own" publications.