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Poor George just can't get a break- arrested again (updated)

he did it again, this guy just can't stay away from trouble. he is being held without bail until he sees a judge. did she set him up or did the stress of the last couple of years get to him?

George Zimmerman had five guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition with him when deputies arrested him earlier this month on domestic violence charges, according to court documents released Tuesday.

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old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / Poor George just can't get a break- arrested again (updated)

Posted By: Michael
11/19/13 03:03 PM

i wont miss him
Posted By: barstoolguru
11/19/13 03:32 PM

they are going to see him as a repeat offender and a public threat
Posted By: Michael
11/19/13 03:46 PM

while i always believed he had a valid self defense claim, i have also always believed he is a total scum-bag...and i won't miss him.
Posted By: barstoolguru
11/20/13 02:51 PM

George is out on bond