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Don't you dare bleed all over my (expletive) couch! [DGU Update] (California)

I came across this article and it sounded familiar so I did a search. It's an update on this article from 14 November about the persistent criminal who ran into a husband and wife who were both armed.

It's worth a read but here are the highlights for me:

- The homeowner, Jeff Jardine was using a 10mm with a gun light on it.

- The only time either of them cursed was when Melissa said "Don't you dare bleed all over my (expletive) couch!" after Liberini was shot.

- Liberini had previously been arrested for minor offenses such as drug paraphenalia
and possessing a pipe bomb

- The wife originally shot at him while dual wielding a 10mm and a 40 cal. That's kind of hot... other than the fact she only nicked his ear.
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old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / Don't you dare bleed all over my (expletive) couch! [DGU Update] (California)

Posted By: Jason
11/25/13 11:09 AM


Thanks for the find. I always like when we get more details on the people who defended themselves and get to hear the bullshit stories the criminals use to justify their actions.... "I only broke into your home because my car broke down"
Posted By: barstoolguru
11/25/13 11:23 AM

any time I get an update I try to post it because some of these articles are as rush Limbaugh puts it "the drive by media" too busy to get something misses the details
Posted By: Jason
11/25/13 11:55 AM

Well, people responsibly using guns against criminals isn't news... who could possibly want to hear that? LOL