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HOAX ALERT - Beulah Montgomery story is bullshit

I've seen this twice already and before it gets posted here, let's address the article.

There is no 60-year-old Beulah Montgomery that stopped a Knockout Game attack by shooting her two assailants.

This is just one of those bullshit stories that seems to pop up for no reason. I'm not sure if it's because people are too lazy to find DGU stories on their own or if they just want to see how many people fall for it.

How do we know the story is bullshit? Besides the fact that the root of the story is a site called and they have a mix of real and fake news?

- There is no location given
- There is no date given

So you have details on how many shots were fired, how many assailants, and how old the purported Mrs. Montgomery is but you don't know when or where?

And there's not even a single local paper that has a similar story.

It's bullshit so let's help end the spread of bogus news.