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Father shoots his son in self defense (Pennsylvania)

Just after 4a.m. yesterday morning (December 3rd), 24-year-old Marcus Jones of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was shot and killed by his father after breaking into the father's home.

Earlier in the night, Jones had gotten into a heated discussion with his 77-year-old grandmother after she threw away his weed stash (you can't make this stuff up). Jones lost his shit and tore out the phone cords, lifted the television like he was going to throw it and threatened to steal his grandmother's car.

The grandmother fled the house to the home of Jones' father and explained what happened. Knowing what kind of fine young man he had raised, the father had been holding his grandson in one hand and a revolver in the other.

As Jones began to break in his father fired a single warning shot that failed to deter him. After breaking in Jones chased his father up the stairs and attacked him. After sustaining numerous blows from his son, the gun rang out again striking Jones in the leg.

It's a terrible situation for the father to be in but why risk your grandchild as well?

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