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Woman that was acquitted of murder of her X husband shoots son with same gun (Fl and Vegas)

A mother of the son that lied for her and keep her out of jail was repaid years later when his mother shot him in the neck WITH the same gun that she used to kill her X husband. A fight that seems to stem over the dislike of the sons GF ended with a shot that left the son paralyzed.
The relationship between the son and his girlfriend created turmoil in the house of the mother and she didn’t like her

The mother is charged with stalking the girlfriend by sending her a series of hostile text messages — mom allegedly called the GF a "stripper," "whore," "prostitute," "skank" and "succubus." She also reached out to a non-profit cancer-fighting organization where Taylor volunteered, telling the group's founder that Taylor was laundering money and dealing drugs, according to prosecutors. (my kind of woman)
911 call was made by the younger brother stating that the older son attacked the mother and she shot in self defense

Word of the day: succubus….
suc•cu•bus (sky-bs) also suc•cu•ba (-b)
n. pl. suc•cu•bus•es or suc•cu•bi (-b, -b) also suc•cu•bae (-b, -b)
1. A female demon supposed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with a man while he sleeps. ( I want some, pick me, pick me)
2. An evil spirit; a demon.

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