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How does the police cover up a bad shooting; they dig up an old law to justify it. (CA)

Remember the kid that wanted the red rider BB gun…. “Forget it kid you’ll get shot by the police” (forget the eye). Police are trying justifying a police officer shooting a 13 year old boy with an airsoft gun. The officer though it was an AK -47 and fired the fatal shot.

So what better way than to dig up an “obscure Petaluma Municipal Code 10.56 outlaws the discharge or public display of any firearms — including airsoft and BB guns — within city limits.”

Sounds like a win-win for the police, justifies the shooting and kills any chance of a wrongful death law suit

Quoted: Mayor David Glass said he supports any law aimed at reducing the damage done by firearms — real or fake. (can we say CYA)

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