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Why you don't carry like Plaxico

We all know you need a holster and not to carry in your waistband "felony style". First it was Plaxico Burress, then there was the idiot in Nevada who shot himself in the ass. Now, an Arizona man named Joshua Seto shot himself in the dick.

Go ahead, read that again.

Josh and his girlfriend (for how long now?) Cara were walking to Fry's grocery store when Josh decided to put her pink handgun into his waistband... and BANG!

Cara called 911 and told operators, "He is still conscious, there is just a lot of blood." The operator told her to apply direct pressure to the wound with a dry towel or T-shirt, but to avoid looking at the wound.

Cara's answer? "I did look at it, It's pretty bad."

Always. Wear. A. Holster.

Posts: Carry Talk / Why you don't carry like Plaxico

Posted By: Michael
08/16/12 10:27 PM

I carry my CZ felony style sometimes - Usually for quick trips to 7-11 or something. I don't worry since i don't carry cocked in locked in favor of double action. This is however why cocked and locked and single action striker fires scare me a little. I know we had this conversation before but the only way i would carry a single action gun in a ready state is in an outside the waste-band holster.
Posted By: Jayson
08/17/12 08:16 AM

I just groaned out loud in my office. People are looking at me. I don't know if I should explain.
Posted By: Jason
08/17/12 10:12 AM

You should definitely tell them. Definitely. Definitely.