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8 YO boy dies in fire trying to save his grandpa laid to rest as a firefighter (pass the tissue)(NY)

After rescuing 6 family members Tyler Doohan,8 years old realized his grandpa was still inside and went back in after him.

Quoted: Then Tyler went back into the blaze to help his grandfather, who was disabled and would have been unable to get out of the home on his own. "By that time, the fire had traveled to the back of the trailer," Ebmeyer said at the time. "Unfortunately, they both succumbed to heat and smoke."

They found him with his grandfather in his arms; he was trying to get him out before they died. Warriors are forged on the battle field but heroes are found in the most unusual places. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the Doohan family, may god give you the strength to deal with your loss.

Take a moment and check those smoke detectors, you may not have another chance

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